Demopolis Hospital Restarts Baby Delivery

From the West Alabama Newsroom—

Having a baby just got a lot easier for pregnant women in Demopolis and Marengo County because Whitfield Regional Hospital — is once again delivering babies.

Wal Marengolabor0502 Fox Pkg2Expectant mothers in the Demopolis area — no longer have to drive to a facility 50 miles away — to deliver their babies.

Whitfield Regional has restarted its Labor & Delivery department — after a nearly ten year hiatus.

“It’s just going to help bring the health of the community to a more desirable place,” said Dr. Ashley Steiner.

Douglas Brewer is the President and CEO of Whitfield Regional.

“We really started from scratch,” said Brewer.

“Much of the equipment has improved over the years since we closed our program. So really, everything you see in here is brand new. We spent probably just under a million dollars on all the equipment needed to provide a state of the art program.”

Wal Marengolabor0502 Fox PkgTwenty-four year old Rikeema Barfield of Demopolis — is glad to see Labor & Delivery — back at Whitfield Regional.

Barfield just had a baby two months ago in Tuscaloosa.

“I wish they would have had this in February. That way I wouldn’t have had to go through all that I went through. It would have been a lot easier cause I stay right up the road so, it ain’t no problem having it here in Demopolis.”

The Labor and Delivery department reopened — last Tuesday.

Brewer says the hospital is already expecting — five to eight deliveries — over the next couple of weeks.


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