What the Tech? Check Out This iPhone Trick

Every now and then, opening and closing apps and tapping around on the screen help you discover something new your iPhone can do. I discovered a doozy I just had to share it.

Playing around with Apple’s Notes app and adding a photo to my notes that I captured on a friend’s Facebook post.

And I discovered something new I didn’t know my iPhone can do. For people who take notes or want to save something they see on a screen or a sign or card without actually saving a photo.

The Notes app will transpose the words in any photo you take. It’s like magic.

A friend posted a photo of a sign or book flap with key points from Dale Carnegie’s legendary book “How To Win Friends and Influence People”. It was a list of the most important advice from the book. I snapped a photo myself of their Facebook post.

As I used my fingers to zoom in on the image I noticed my touch turned part of the text blue. Just like you see when you
copy and paste text from a written post.

Sure enough, I was able to select all of the words on the screen and copy them. Tapping the screen again to exit out of the photo, I tapped an empty space on the note I just created and saw the option to “Paste”.

The text from the photo that I just copied was transcribed into actual text! Game changer.

I then opened LinkedIn to create a new post. I tapped the screen and pasted all 20 suggestions from Carnegie. I imagine my followers on LinkedIn think I must have typed out all of those words in my post. What’s even more amazing is that the text from the photo is searchable within the Notes app.

I searched for “appreciation” and the Notes app searched through all of my notes and found the list I’d just created.

While it is just super cool and I imagine helpful in certain situations for most of us, it really can be a game-changer for students or anyone who routinely needs to take notes from a teacher’s overhead projector slides.

Or if you’re attending a conference and snap a photo of a speaker’s slide you want to remember, just highlight and copy the text later and add all of the text to the note where you can search for it when you need it.

You’ll find the option only in the Notes app. It does not work when you simply take a photo with the camera app.

It’s one of those things I’ve never read about anywhere else, I just found it by dumb luck and boredom. And now you know. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.


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