Selma Church Designated An Endangered Historic Place

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The need for major repairs at a National Historic Landmark in Selma — is raising concerns about the site’s future.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has designated Brown Chapel A.M.E Church in Selma — as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places of 2022.

Wal Brownchapel0505 Pkg1Brown Chapel — played a pivotal role during the fight for voting rights in 1965 — serving as a public headquarters for the movement.

“The people who were a part of that march that marched in 1965 to the Edmund Pettus Bridge. They came from Brown Chapel. And they were beaten back with tear gas and all of the things that occurred. And they ran back to Brown Chapel,” said Juanda Maxwell.

A renovation project underway at the church — uncovered severe termite damage in parts of the building.

278 6715 01“We took the upper platform off — and all of a sudden this massive amount of termite damage was exposed,” said architect Richard Hudgens.

Hudgens says water leaks have also caused significant damage to the building.

But now church officials are hopeful that the most endangered designation — will help the effort to raise the funds needed to make repairs.

“It brings awareness all across the country — and really all across the world. Because we need help. We need help from the community,” said Maxwell.

A former slave built the historic church in 1908.

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