Councilwoman Marche Johnson Recaps Her First Year In Office

One year ago on May 6th councilwoman Marche Johnson was sworn into office as only the second black woman ever on the Montgomery city council. She started her tenure under abnormal circumstances. The position became open after Councilman Larkin passed away, then during the campaign one of her running mates was murdered. Now she is sharing what she has learned in her first year.

Councilwoman johnson says that she is blessed to be serving the people of district 3 but that it has also been challenging to ensure everyones satisfaction.

“Coming into office was an eye-opener for one thing I’m I think as regular citizens we look at it one way and expect a lot of things but have no idea what really happens in the seat right so um and that’s even across the board we know what we want to see and what we expect but being outside looking in or working with a person serving it’s totally different than actually holding a seat” – Marche Johnson

She says that her district is the size of other smaller counties in Alabama, and with there being almost no staff it is challenging to have to serve all the needs of her residents by herself, but she doesn’t let that stop her from advocating for changes she wants to see in the district and the city of Montgomery.

“ A lot of the work that we do as city Council people every day people don’t see the work that’s happening behind the scenes you see it when it’s done a pretty picture but you don’t see the different meetings and all the different people that you have to get to support this initiative the people that especially for district 3 to see how unheard of for so long”

Councilwoman johnson also says that she has been impressed by the community involvement and by how may residents continue to attend city council meeting and advocate for thing they want to see in the city.  She is looking forward to this next year and continuing to make changes.

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