Demopolis City Landing Gets Multi-Million $$$ Upgrade

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A multi-million dollar improvement project is underway to enhance the Demopolis City Landing.

Wal Demopcitylanding Pkg“This is about a $3 million dollar project that is going to completely transform the face of this facility.”

Trucks are bringing tons of rocks into the Demopolis City Landing. And workers with heavy equipment — are spreading it out — and packing it down.

Demopolis Mayor Woody Collins says the project is going to transform the River City’s riverfront area.

“They completely dug out our old city landing built brand new landings. You see these poles out here, there is a huge floating dock that goes along those poles out there that ties back into the landing,” he said.

Collins says the new landing will allow the city to host bigger and better — fishing and boating events.

Wal Demopcitylanding Pkg2“Well, we’ve been able to host some 80 to a hundred boat tournaments. We’re going to be able to host tournaments with the big boys after this. The 150, 200 boat tournaments.”

Collins says the upgrade will also improve the riverfront area — as a recreational space for residents.

The riverfront area already includes a playground — a pavilion — and a splash park.

“As you see we’ve got a kid’s playground up there. We’ve got a water park up there.”

Demopolis resident Anthony Johnson is excited about the project.

“It’s gon’ make it come together as a complete thing. You know, that’s what I’m thinking. And I’m looking forward to see it completed,” said Johnson.

The project is expected to be finished — within the next month.

The Demopolis Parks and Recreation Department obtained the funding for the project — in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Natural Resources — and the Governor’s Office.

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