NEW on 05/13: ABC ‘20/20’ Reports on Serial Killer Who Targeted Black Women He Knew in Southern City

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‘20/20’ Includes Never-Before-Broadcasted Footage of Legendary Criminal Profiler and Psychiatric Nurse Ann Burgess Interviewing Killer Henry Louis Wallace 

Program Features Exclusive Interview With Tyrece Woods on Life Today After Surviving Attack by Wallace as an Infant 

For two years, serial killer Henry Louis Wallace stalked the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, undetected, raping and murdering young Black women – almost all of whom he knew personally as neighbors, friends or coworkers. Now, 25 years after his conviction as Wallace remains on death row, a new “20/20” reports on the latest details of the case, questions whether the women’s race played a factor in the rigor of police investigations and provides insight into the killer’s mind through overlooked clues and analysis by legendary criminal profiler and psychiatric nurse Ann Burgess. The program features never-before-broadcasted footage of Burgess interviewing Wallace ahead of his trial and an exclusive interview with Tyrece Woods, who discusses life today after surviving an attack by Wallace at just 10 months old. The program also includes interviews with family of many of the victims, including Dee Sumpter, mother of victim Shawna Hawk, who co-founded Mothers of Murdered Offspring in part as a way to put pressure on police to find the killer; Garry McFadden, now the Mecklenburg County Sheriff who worked the case as a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police detective who discusses the investigation and reasons why the police failed to connect the murders at first; Marsha Goodenow, who prosecuted Wallace; high school classmates of Wallace; and reporters who covered the story closely. The episode also contains audio of Wallace’s police interrogations, as well as police reports, trial records and crime scene photographs.

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