MPS Considers Closing Two Schools

At Tuesday night’s Montgomery County school board meeting, officials had initial discussions to close Dunbar-Ramer Elementary School and Pintlala Elementary School.

The two small schools serve rural South Montgomery County.

Dunbar-Ramer lies 25 miles south of Montgomery, near the county line, and Pintlala Elementary is about 15 miles south of Montgomery off of I-65.

Pintalala Elementary averages about 100 students and Dunbar-Ramer about 75.

MPS officials say the small student body and aging buildings at the schools are costing the district too much.

“It cost so much to operate a school that usually has less than 300 students, usually a district will have to start picking up that additional cost,” says MPS Chief Financial Officer, Arthur Watts.

MPS says a rezoning would likely happen if and before the schools are closed.

Right now, high school aged children either have to go to private school, home school, or take the nearly hour long bus ride to Montgomery to attend Carver.

These smaller schools do not have all of the extra curricular activities or facilities as more populated schools.

Officials have also expressed concerned with transportation issues, if the schools were to close.

“We’ll continue to look at things like student enrollment, maybe shifts in population, and any kind of demographic information we have that predicts how many school aged children will actually be in those areas the next eight or ten years,” said MPS Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore.


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