What the Tech? Can an App Give You a “Six Pack in 30 Days?”

Only a few weeks left to get in shape for swimsuit season and if you’re looking for a quick way to burn some of your winter weight, many people have found some success using smartphone apps.

There are hundreds of health and fitness apps in the app stores and one makes a particularly bold claim just in the title. “Six Pack in 30 Days”. The app is for iPhones and Android devices and claims to help users burn through fat and strengthen their core to the point they have a six-pack of abs.

The app has over 57k ratings in the Apple Store with an average of 4.7 out of 5 ratings. So it must work. But how?

The app offers several ab workouts with exercises you may have never tried or even heard of.

“Reach-throughs” are similar to sit-ups. “Crossovers” are similar to bicycle rows. The app states the exercises were designed for ultimate effect by experienced fitness trainers.

There are workouts for the home of course, but other exercise workouts that can be done while in a desk chair at work. There are also kickboxing workouts in the app to help burn fat faster.

Each workout consists of a series of exercises and the app has a 3D animation of a computer-generated person doing each exercise. A coach guides you to get started, take a rest break and move on to the next exercise.

“Six Pack in 30 Days” connects with Apple and Google Health to track progress.

It is a free app for a limited number of exercises and workouts. The free version also forces you to watch, or wait for advertisements to end. Pro subscriptions eliminate the ads and add more exercises such as the office chair workouts.

A monthly subscription is $10/mo or $30/year.

Does it work? I can’t speak from experience since I only downloaded the app a couple of days ago, but the workouts are difficult enough to make a difference in your core and abs. Getting a six-pack in 30 days is pretty ambitious.


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