Campaign 2022: Final Week Until Primary Election

With one week left until the Alabama primary’s residents are wondering what the outcome will be for the republican side of the governor’s race along with the senate. Governor Ivey is running again and two other candidates are campaigning hard to hopefully end up in a runoff against the current governor.

“she has 8 opponents but primarily she has 2 who have spent a lot of money, Lindy Blanchard spent close to $9 million dollars of her own money on this race, its almost record breaking, and um Tim James has spent close to 5 million running against her.”

Flowers says that even if the governors race ends up in a runoff, Governor Ivey still has a significant advantage.

“she would be a prohibitive favorite against either one of them in a runoff because even if she winds up at 45 percent the second place finisher is still 30 points behind her.”

Flowers says the senate race was originally predicted to be Katie Britt versus mo brooks but with Mike Durant’s successful campaigning early on it has allowed him to gain momentum in  the race. he also says voter turn out may still be significant since the race is high profile.

“that is one of the reasons that negative advertising works  is that it actually drives down a person’s numbers in the polls but it also makes people not vote because they may say I like candidate A and all of a sudden, and they didn’t like candidate B if you say bad things about candidate A and say well i don’t really like them either you know so it does drive down the vote but this race is so high profile that i think you’ll have a high turn out.” 

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