Alabama’s ‘New’ Way of Collecting Election Results

The polling offices will be using tabulation equipment that is not connected to any internet or bluetooth devices. Officials say this will ensure that there is no voter fraud or electronic tampering with the votes collected.

After the voting location closes, the staff will then upload all of the data to a type of USB device that will then be placed in a secured envelope and taken to the probate office in each county.

“We will be able to know that they are coming from a secure location in that county seat to the central office here in Montgomery.”

The Secretary of State says that they will only be using secure devices to transfer all the data so that there is no confusion with the data as it is passed from the voter location all the way up to the state capital.

“we have been transferring the data through a jump drive, we are continuing to do that its just that the transfer of the data from the central reporting location in the county is still being done electronically but its only being done with a dedicated instrument that was purchased by us 247 thousand dollars spent state wide to make sure that those units that are being used are only being used for election night reporting”

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