Hot & Dry For Now But Changes Are Ahead This Weekend

We’re in the midst of a summer-like weather setup but its days are numbered. A frontal boundary will bring rain and help knock the heat down over the weekend but until then its remaining rather hot for May. A mostly sunny and dry weather pattern keeps us in the low to mid 90s through Friday. High pressure over the region is helping to maintain this unseasonably warm setup. The high pressure ridge will release its grip and move farther eastward with time. This will allow a southerly wind flow to develop and a moisture return will follow. Our rain chances begin to increase and as the front moves closer we’re looking at a good chance for rain and storms over the weekend. We don’t see a complete washout but rain activity will have some impact on your outdoor plans at some point both days. We head into next week with scattered showers and storms dotting the landscape each afternoon. It begins to trend a little drier later that week.

Categories: Daily Forecast