Stress and Pandemic Impact Mental Health in Selma

From the West Alabama newsroom–

Mental health awareness is on the rise. And mental health professionals say that that’s the first step — in putting the stigma associated with mental illness to an end.

A person’s mental health is extremely important because it impacts their quality of life — their experiences — and their relationships.

Wal Mhamonth0518 PkgCahaba Center for Mental Health — Executive Director Carrie Bearden says more people than ever before — are paying attention to their mental well-being.

She says stress can be a major contributing factor — in developing mental health issue. And life in the pandemic — has intensified the normal stresses of everyday life.

“Gas prices are high. Groceries are high. And I think, you know if you’re already struggling and struggling to make ends meet — then that stress can really, um, really do some damage to you,” Bearden said.

Bearden says too much social media — can also lead to mental health symptoms. Or worsen symptoms that already exist.

“It can definitely lead to depression. Or feeling isolated or different. You know, just feeling like you don’t fit anywhere. Or you don’t measure up. I think that can be very discouraging for children. And for adults,” she said.

Wal Mhamonth0518 Pkg1Bearden says its important for people to protect themselves. And if necessary — seek professional help.

“Self-care is very important. You know, taking the time to go for a walk, to listen to music. To relax, to go to church, to do whatever it is that gives you strength and kind of rejuvenates you.”

The month of May — is National Mental Health Awareness Month.

And May 19th is Mental Health Action Day.

Cahaba Center for Mental Health provides counseling — and psychiatric treatment — in Dallas — Perry — and Wilcox counties.

For more information — call (334) 875-2100.

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