Concerns Grow Over Uncertain Future of Pine Hill PD

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Concerns are growing about the uncertain future of the Pine Hill Police Department — and what shutting it down would mean for public safety.

People in Pine Hill are concerned about the state of town’s police department.

Right now — the department only has Chief Nikisha Gailes — and a part-time officer — currently working on the force.

District 3 City councilman Jamie Abrams is the police department liaison.

Wal Pinehillpolice0526 Pkg“It’s really an embarrassment,” said Abrams.

“It really is.”

Abrams says the idea of shutting down the police department — came up at a council meeting. But he says that’s something — he would never support.

“We’re a small town. And without a police force you’re just asking for trouble,” he said.

Brenda Blount of Pine Hill — manages Peachtree Apartments.

“I went to a council meeting and the councilman, I won’t name him. But he said I have a great idea. Let’s just shut the police department down — and contract it out.” said Blount.

Blount says de-funding the police department — shows a lack of support for law enforcement — and a lack commitment to the public safety.

“I’m concerned about the safety of all of us out here at Peachtree Apartment. I’m concerned about the safety of the people of Pine Hill. Because we need officers. We need the police officers,” Blount said.

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