What the Tech? App of the Day: RunPee

If you go to the movies very often you’ve probably had to miss a few minutes of the action because “nature calls”.

You can try to guess when you could run to the restroom without missing an important part of the movie, or you can download the app RunPee which takes the guesswork out of making a pitstop.

Here’s how this app works:

Choose the movie you’re going to see in the RunPee app. When the movie starts, you tap “start timer” in the RunPee app. It will show you a few times during the movie when it’s probably best to go.

So as not to give away any spoilers for the new blockbuster “Maverick” we’ll use the original “Top Gun” for the explanation.

The app gives three “pee times” in the action-packed movie and you can look ahead of time to see precisely when you can make the mad dash and not miss anything important. With “Top Gun” there are three suggested, “pee times” (I’ve found movies with lots of action or lots of fast-paced dialogue won’t have more than 3.

The app ranks the suggested ‘pee times’ too and those are usually every 30 minutes or pretty close to it.

When the suggested pee time approaches, the app sends a silent vibration to your phone. In the original “Top Gun”, the first suggested pee time is when Tom Cruise’s character is ordered to return to base immediately.

The second, roughly 30 minutes later is when Maverick says “I feel the need for speed”. The app shows you have 3:45 to walk down the hall, do your thing, and return to your seat. It even has a synopsis of what happened while you were gone.

The app has other features too showing if a movie has any special clips as the credits roll and a brief synopsis of the beginning of the movie if you’re running a bit late.

The app has thousands of movies in its database so it’s a good app to have for watching the classics on HBO, Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

It is a free app but you’ll need what’s called “Pee Coins” to see the suggested times and use the timer. You can earn pee coins by watching advertisements ahead of time or by sharing the app on social media. You can also subscribe to the app for 99-cents a month for all the pee coins you need without advertisements.

If you go to a lot of movies and if you often get the 50-ounce soft drinks from the concession stand, it’s certainly worth 99-cents. You can trust me on that.


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