Aviation Industry Taking Off in Selma-Dallas Co. Area

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Some high-tech — and high-paying new jobs — are on the way to the Selma-Dallas County area.

Craig Field Airport in Selma — will soon become the home of the country’s first remote tower air traffic control center — and training academy.

Wal Newaviationco Pkg1 The aviation industry is taking off — in Selma and Dallas County.

City Jet/Turbine Worx — currently has a dispatch facility — and aircraft maintenance operation at Craig Field.

Now — Valdosta, Georgia based Advanced ATC — has announced plans to set up a remote tower air traffic control center.

“It opens controlled air space above Craig Field. And that opens the door to future expansion,” said Jim Corrigan.

Wal Newaviationco Pkg“This represents about a $4.7 million dollar initial capital investment for the remote tower and air traffic control center. Creating about 28 initial jobs in the first year and a $3.1 million annual payroll. Growing over the next 5 years to an expected 119 jobs. And an $8 million dollar annual payroll,” said Greg Canfield.

The remote tower center will be equipped to support aviation expansion. And provide air traffic control services for up to 40 airports across the country.

Wal Newaviationco Pkg2“All piping in their video technology here,” said Dan Cunningham. “And we’ll use the controllers locally to control those airports.”

Advanced ATC — is partnering with the Spain-based Indra Corp — on the project.

“Indra provides the software and the technology that will bring this all together,” said Canfield.

Advanced ATC will also establish an international training academy — to train and certify remote tower air traffic controllers.

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