Civil Rights Tour Gives Participants the Chance to Immerse Themselves in History


The Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery was one of the many stops included in the Civil Rights Trail Tour./Source: Alabama News Network

An Alabama-based tour group is hoping people continue to carry the legacy of those who have gone before them.

The Civil Rights Trail Tour is a full-service destination group that specialized in guided tours of key areas in the Southeast with stops that include Memphis, Birmingham, Selma and Montgomery.

The goal is to have participants hear first hand stories from the Civil Rights Movement, as well as, have the opportunity to hear from Civil Rights leaders throughout the experience.

The tour’s president, Leon Burnette, said in order for people to move forward, they need to learn about the past.

“We want them to carry on the legacy, but they don’t know the stories of Emmitt Till. They don’t know the stories of the children in Birmingham,” said Burnette. “We want them to know that the children and women were some of the most important parts of the movement and that our future in their hands by them being active and knowing their history.”

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