Sensational Selma Library Summer Kicks Off in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Now that school is out — the Selma and Dallas County Public Library is giving kids a lot of fun things to do this summer.

The annual Sensational Selma Library Summer — kicked off Monday morning.

Some kind of fun activity will be going on at the library — every Monday thru Friday — during the months of June and July.

Wal Summerlibrary0606 Fox PkgThe program features all kinds of activities — to stimulate young minds — and keep them sharp over the summer.

“Lots of fun — packed into the next nine weeks. Pretty much everyday, ” said library director Becky Nichols.

Brenda Owens brought some children from the Edmondite Missions Summer Camp to the first day.

“Number one. It will keep them focused. Number two. It will keep them out of trouble,” she said.

“Number three. They will get a chance to meet new friends.”

Wal Summerlibrary0606 Fox Pkg1Activities like Gary Ledbetter’s magic show — draws kids to the library — in droves — all summer long.

“That’s what it’s all about. You gotta get ’em in here first,” said Ledbetter.

“Once they’re in here, then you can show ’em around and see good things to do here at the library.”

The Sensational Selma Library Summer program also helps to reduce the summer slide — a loss of learning that happens with students over their summer vacation.

“I think these programs stop you from falling out of the education phase altogether,” said Nichols.

“Ok, we’re not math and science and reading and testing. But we’re math and science and reading and fun.”

For more information about individual events and scheduling — go to

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