Hospitality Training Aims to Help Selma Boost Tourism

From the West Alabama Newsroom—

A hospitality training workshop is coming to Selma — next  week on June 13th.

Its an effort to help attract — retain — and grow tourism in the area.

Wal Hospitalitytraining PkgThe new Huddle House restaurant in Selma — is set open in the next couple of weeks.

Final preparations are underway — and management is getting the staff ready for the big day.

They say the focus of the training is simple.

“I tell people smile all the time. You never know who day you might brighten. Customer service is very important,” said manager Kayla Molette.

Wal Hospitalitytraining Pkg1Customer service and hospitality are the backbone of the tourism industry — an industry the Selma and Dallas County area would like to continue growing.

Selma native Candace Beers is the Tourism & Community Development Director at the UA Center for Economic Development.

“We get visitors all the time. We’re blessed to live in an area that is rich with history. We have beautiful art and architecture here. So people are coming. But you only get one chance to make that first impression.

Wal Hospitalitytraining Pkg2The center is hosting a free 2-hour in-person hospitality training workshop on Monday. The purpose is to help provide the tools needed to grow tourism in the area.

Selma Career Center has been training city and county workers in customer service for the past several months.

“They said this was much needed, long overdue, should have been done this. And they gained much. So that’s what it’s about. It’s about providing exceptional customer service to the individuals that we encounter on a day to day basis,” said manager Clifford Hunter.

Black Belt Hospitality Training will be at the Arts Revive Carneal Building — from 2 pm to 4.

Space is limited.

Registration closes Monday.

Email — to find out how to register.

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