What the Tech? Apple Unveils iOS 16 for iPhone, iPad and Update for Apple Watches

The iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad you’re using are getting updates soon.

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference Monday (virtually again) in California, unveiling a new iOS 16 for iPhone, iPad, and a new WatchOS for newer Apple Watches. Some of the new features add the ability to customize your phone screen even when it is locked.

Apple spent quite a bit of time on a new lock screen for iPhone. It allows users to choose fonts, colors, and themes using their own photos as a lock screen display. By holding down on any part of the screen, iPhone users will be able to add filters to photos, adjust their placement and size and add widgets that will be visible without unlocking the phone.

Widgets for the calendar, weather, and activity are some of the options shown in the Apple presentation. iOS 16 also gives users the ability to create multiple lock screens that can be changed by swiping from one to another. Using Focus Mode, iPhone owners can select work lock screens to show only work-related widgets.

New notifications are not going to take up most of the screen as they do now. In the new iOS 16, notifications will roll onto the bottom of the screen. Live activities can also be added so users can see live sports scores with updates, a map of arriving Uber drivers, and live updates on workouts and activity.

Another big change is to iMessage and Mail. If you’ve ever sent a text message you wish you hadn’t sent, there is a new “undo” option to make the text disappear. You’ll also be able to edit a message before the other person sees the message.

Dictation got an update where you’ll be able to dictate a message or email while leaving the keyboard on the screen. This is going to come in handy when sending a lengthy message as you’ll have the ability to switch between voice dictation and typing.

If you dictate a message now you have to add the punctuation. Like this: “what time will you be here question mark”. In the new iOS 16, dictation will add the punctuation automatically.

In Maps, users will be able to add multi-stop routing up to 15 stops in advance. A Sports section will be added to Apple News where users can select teams to follow for updates and scores. iOS 16 will also make it easier for parents to set up parental control for each child on the account.

A new separate iCloud shared photo library will make it easier for everyone in the family to share photos they’ve taken on their phone.

A sneak peek of CarPlay earns some wows. While it isn’t available yet, Apple unveiled a CarPlay screen that will stretch from one end of the dashboard to the other that is fully customized.

Apple also introduced a new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that will be available in July.

Apple Watch OS gets a modest update but the iPadOS will allow iPads to act more like a laptop with more control over app window size and placement and sharing files from one app to another onscreen.

Public Beta versions of iOS 16, Watch OS and iPad OS will be available in July with the full release coming this fall. The new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro will go on sale next month.


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