Residents in Pike Road Express Opposition to Potential New Neighborhood

Residents in the town of Pike Road are not at all happy with the idea of this new neighborhood.

Most expressed that they feel Pike Road could be growing too fast. Over a thousand residents signed a petition against the rezoning of the land off Wallahatchie and Vaughn roads.

Lowder New Homes is seeking approval of the rezoning of an agricultural property in order to build a new neighborhood.

Last month, the Pike Road Planning Commission approved of the new plans for the property which is seeking to build 1,091 homes.

Many residents are not happy about the possibility of this new neighborhood. Most are concerned with things like traffic and how it may impact Pike Road schools if the community continues to grow rapidly.

“It’s time that we slow down and make decisions, not make decisions until we have the firm data to understand the impact of all these issues,” one resident said.

“Significant grassroots movement that’s underway to stop this rezoning we need further research and further planning he wants you to understand that people care deeply about this and that expresses near concerned and very many different ways.”

The town council did not decide to vote Monday night. Meanwhile, residents express that they want to be heard loud and clear by the council about where they stand.

“We gave our concerns then then we met again and we gave our concerns and we don’t seem to be getting where to what’s good for Pike Road.”

Officials say if approved, the neighborhood wouldn’t be completed until at least 2042.

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