What the Tech? How to Find Free WiFi When You’re Visiting Another City

When you’re close to home, you probably already know of coffee shops and restaurants that offer customers free public WiFi. If you work remotely, chances are you visit the same establishment over and over again because of their speedy WiFi network.

If you’re visiting a town for the first time, you may find yourself looking for a cafe with great coffee and free WiFi.

Rather than going from place to place to find one, Facebook has a little-known tool that can tell you everything from how good the coffee is, to if it has free WiFi.

It’s in the Facebook smartphone app. Just open it wherever you are, go to the menu and look for settings and privacy. There you’ll see “Find Wi-Fi”. Using your precise location, Facebook shows you all of the nearby free WiFi networks.

It’s incredibly useful if you’re visiting somewhere new. A recent search of the downtown district in New Orleans found dozens of shops, cafes, and coffee shops with free WiFi. If you tap on one of the listings, you can details, directions, customer reviews, and the legitimate WiFi Network.

You can also use Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi ahead of time. Say you’re going to be staying at a hotel in downtown San Francisco. You can plan ahead by relocating the Facebook map to that area and tap search.

Where does Facebook get this information? From businesses that have a Facebook business page and have included the network name in their listing. If you find yourself in an area where you can’t connect to the internet, Facebook’s free tool can find it for you.

Facebook’s Find WiFi tool is available only in the Facebook app.


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