Montgomery Public Schools’ Superintendent Heads into Retirement

Montgomery Public Schools’ superintendent is seeing her final days in office. Dr. Ann Roy Moore reflects on the last four years and shares what she plans to do next.

4 years ago Dr. Ann Roy Moore was presented with the opportunity to become the interim superintendent for MPs, that role quickly became permanent due to the conditions the schools system was facing.

“i knew coming in that those were the things I would have to deal with i felt like i had to deal with them quickly i had to be a change agent to make those things happen so that MPS could be in a better place and i thank goodness those things have happened.”- Dr. Moore

Now MPS is no longer under intervention from the state and they are making major changes to help benefit the students in the district.

“Well you know how they say old soldiers never die they just fade away, I kind of see myself that way I like challenges so I”m sure I will be doing some consulting work that will help me deal with challenges in the educational systems in Alabama”

Dr. Moore says that she is proud of all of the work MPS has done in the last 4 years to get to where they are at now, but she says that there are still areas of improvement that need to be made and that the focus should always remain on doing what is best for the children.

“Our next big step is to work on student achievement we had made some improvements and then of course COVID came along and so now we have to double down. i think if they would just focus on student achievement and not worry about some of that other stuff because its been taken care of and they helped to take care of it.”

Dr. Ann Roy Moore’s final day is June 30th, after that the new MPS superintendent Dr. Melvin Brown will take the reigns.

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