19th Annual Tomato Sandwich Lunch in Celebration of Local Farmers

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries held a special lunch Wednesday afternoon.

It was the 19th annual Tomato Sandwich Lunch. All of the tomatoes and corn at the lunch were grown locally and donated for the event.Screen Shot 2022 06 29 At 34342 Pm

The lunch is in celebration of the food and products that are farmed locally in the state.

The Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, Rick Pate, said the lunch was also to inform people how important shopping local is for the local economy, local farms, and to resolve the supply chain issue.

“It tastes better, helps a local farmer, and helps the local economy,” stated Commissioner Pate. “Shop at our farmers market and ask at the grocery store where this stuff is coming from. It just solves that whole supply side issue if you go buy local.”

The Tomato Sandwich Lunch also had a Sweet Grown Alabama Farmers Market right outside the event so people could support local farmers directly.

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