Drive-Thru Food Giveaway Helps Feed Families

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The high cost of gas — continues to fuel inflation across the nation. And as a result — a lot of people — continue to need a helping hand — to feed their families.

Hundreds of families in Selma won’t have to worry — about their next few meals. Thanks to a food giveaway Thursday morning at Temple Gate Community Center.

“We had two truck loads of food. So, we had so much food. We had 500 brown bags,” said center director Lula Harris.

Wal Foodgiveaway0630 Fox PkgVolunteers from churches with United for the City — helped load food into vehicles — as people drove through to pick up food.

“This has been our mission trip. We just want to be a light,” said Tim Maeger with Riddles Bend Baptist Church.

“This what God want His people to do,” said Stephen Smith with Pine Glen Church.

“We stand in the place of God. So, when we stand in the place of God we can’t help but see the needs of people. And try to do what we can to help the needs of people in such a time as this.”

A time when soaring gas prices — has inflation on the rise.

“Seem like the prices have doubled in the stores. And to be able to get some things donated to be able to giveaway is a wonderful thing,” said Smith.

“God blessed us through Selma Food Bank. The food that we’re giving out today came directly from them,” said Harris.

“This is just the beginning. Because we know that there are so many people out here that are in need of food. It’s hard going in the store and paying these crazy prices for food.”

Temple Gate Community Center will hold it’s next drive-thru food giveaway — next Thursday — July 7th.

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