Autaugaville Sunflower Fields Now Open to the Public

The sunflower fields in Autaugaville opened their gates for the public and the flowers are in full bloom.

The fields are open everyday from sunrise to sunset for the 10 days the sunflowers are in bloom.

The Autaugaville sunflower fields have only been around since 2016 but have already become a huge tourism site for locals and people visiting theScreen Shot 2022 07 01 At 40943 Pm state.

Wade Kane, who is a resident in Texas, stated that locals were telling him to take his wife to visit the fields.

“A lot of the local people been telling us about it a lot,” stated Kane. “We’ve been staying in Selma for awhile now and have had countless people tell us ‘hey y’all gotta go check this out, y’all gotta go check this out.'”

Admission into the sunflower fields is free, but sunflowers are $1 each.

For more information about the Autaugaville sunflower fields, visit their official website.

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