Fourth of July Festivities Feature Fireworks in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Folks in Dallas County are getting ready for a fun and festive Fourth of July celebration.

And they say it’s impossible to have that celebration — without fireworks.

Fireworks and the Fourth of July — are inseparable.

Wal Dcfireworks Fox Pkg“It’s not a 4th of July without fireworks. This is the turkey and dressing that’s Thanksgiving. This is the stable for 4th of July. Gotta have fireworks,” said Gary L. Crum, Sr.

“Got kids and grand kids, all , even old folks, we all like to see that boom-boom going on,” said Greg Kelley.

“It’s a really fun time. Because you get to spend time with your family. And you also get to shoot fireworks,” said Nash Carter.

“I like how they make the colors. And I like the explosion.”

The city of Valley Grande hosts a big fireworks show — every year to celebrate the nation’s birthday.

Wal Dcfireworks Fox Pkg2This year the show kicks off — around dusk Sunday night.

“We say 9 o’clock. But when it gets dark, we’re gon’, we’re gon’ crank this thing up. I would invite everybody to come join us. And view the fireworks on Sunday night,” said Mayor Wayne Labbe.

And although thousands of people usually attend the fireworks shows in Valley Grande — Selma — and Orrville. They also still go out — and get fireworks of their own.

“You have to take the mindset that no firework is safe. Keep water nearby, if you’re in a dry area or what have you. They’re fun. But they can be dangerous at the same time,” said Crum.

The Orrville Fireworks Show is Monday — July 4th at 8 pm — at the Orrville Community Center.

The city of Selma held it’s fireworks show Thursday night.


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