One on One with New Dallas Co. School Superintendent

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Dallas County School system is getting ready for the upcoming school year — under the leadership of a new superintendent.

Superintendent Anthony Sampson is fired up about his new job. And he’s moving forward with a three point focus. He says student achievement is the number one priority and goal of public education.

“We send our students to school for one reason. That is to receive a good quality education,” said Sampson.

Wal Dcsuper0705 Fox Pkg“So, if we’re in the business for anything other than student achievement, I think we’re fooling ourselves. We want to make sure that we challenge students. We want to make sure that we give them academic rigor.”

In addition — Sampson says school safety — is vitally important.

“Nothing happens, if safety isn’t in place,” he said. “I can say with confidence from a surveillance, from an access control, from working with law enforcement, all of those measures, all of those practices are in place.”

Finally — Sampson says highly qualified teachers are an essential part of the education formula.

“I believe that all students are capable of learning. I believe that our teachers are capable, from the personnel perspective, of delivering and providing a high quality education.”

The Dallas County School District has 13 schools — and serves about 3000 students.

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