Selma Waterworks Awarded $15 Million Dollar Grant

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The water system in Selma is getting a $15 million dollar upgrade that will remove lead water lines from the system.

Mayor James Perkins Jr says the project is a proactive measure — to eliminate the potential health risks associated with the use of lead water pipes.

“What we will be doing with this is going to carry us into the next 40 or 50 years,” he said.

Wal Selmaleadpipes Fox Pkg“This is a big deal for us.”

The project will replace hundreds of lead pipes that connect homes around the city to the water mains.

“Every citizen that this affects will know when this is going to happen. And when they’re going to be in the front yard digging,” said Meredith Hogg-Stone with HSA Engineers.

“Most of these are in the older part of town and most of these pipes are a hundred years old.”

“We have been testing our water on a regular basis,” said Perkins.

“Our water has always been safe. But this is a proactive measure — to make this a non-issue for the city of Selma and the citizens.”

The grant was awarded by ADEM — with funds provided through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act.

The project is expected to take about two years to complete.

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