Appreciation Luncheon Held for MPS Security Officers

Some local unsung heroes are getting the appreciation they deserve.Screen Shot 2022 08 04 At 30923 Pm

The first ever MPS Security Officer Appreciation Luncheon was hosted by local nonprofit, ‘A Heart 4 Children.’ Over 80 MPS security officers attended the event which was recognized by Governor Kay Ivey and Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed.

School security officers are usually overlooked and underappreciated for all the work they do to keep children safe while they learn inside the school, but also keeping tabs on activity that happens outside of school grounds.

“The average security officer is going to be present and very knowledgeable about things that are going on outside, like about social media,” stated MPS Chief of Security Curtis Forte. “If you look at it, a lot times they’ll get word of something going on before we do and of course we turn that over to law enforcement but even just a simple phone call. A lot of them share their phone number with students just to keep in touch with them in case something does happen.”

For the beginning of this school year, stop and talk with a school security officer to let them know they are appreciated.

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