What the Tech? How to Get Better WiFi at College

Most college campuses have free internet. Some have free WiFi.

But think for a second about how many students are on those networks at any time. Streaming video and playing games use
an extraordinary amount of bandwidth. If your school allows it, consider getting your own WiFi router.

They’re affordable at less than $100. You should be able to connect it to the ethernet in the dorm room. Once connected, you set up your own personal wifi network with a strong password.

It’ll protect your information. You don’t need a WiFi 6 router, a less expensive WiFi 5 router will be plenty for one room, TV, phone, and gaming system.

WiFi 6 routers are needed primarily in homes where many devices are all connected to the internet at the same time.

A subscription to a VPN or virtual private network is critical in dorms and apartments. Install it on every computer and phone to keep your connection private. Forget about free VPN apps. Pay a few dollars a month for Express VPN for protection.

Some schools do not allow students to set up their own WiFi network. You should check with the school’s housing department to see if they are permitted.


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