Building Donated to Selma Area Food Bank

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Selma Area Food Bank has provided food to thousands of people since COVID-19 hit. And it’s all thanks to a timely donation.

“My wife and I, and my brother and his wife, and a gentleman from Birmingham named Harry Kampakis, we all owned this building together,” said Joe Mussafer of Montgomery.

“And so, it’s a joint contribution.”

The Selma Area Food Bank moved into it’s current location — back in 2019.

“And it couldn’t have been timed any better,” said SAFB Executive Director Jeff Harrison.

Wal Safbdonation0805 Fox Pkg“Obviously none of knew what was coming. And had no idea what we needed to be prepared for. But this building enabled us to be prepared.”

COVID-19 hit the whole country hard. And the food bank was ready and able to help thousands of families — by hosting drive-thru food giveaways. As well as providing the food — to given away at others.

“If we’d have been at our other facility that wouldn’t have been possible,” said Harrison.

“We’d have been shut down for the duration of the lock down. So, it enabled us to keep going, especially when food got so scarce.”

“Our capacity has more than tripled in the impact we can make,” said MAFB CEO Michael Coleman.

“We now have a much larger freezer and cooler. So, we’re able to move product as it comes in to Montgomery down here to Selma. And then they’re able to deliver it to the people through different agencies and churches.”

Officials at the food bank had actually been eyeing the building ten years earlier.

“We had looked at it. Couldn’t afford to buy it. And then a number of years later, the Lord blessed us with it,” said Harrison.

The building was dedicated at a ceremony Friday morning.

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