Gov. Ivey’s Office Responds After Online Column Questioned Her Health, Whereabouts


Gov. Kay Ivey speaks to Alabama News Network in Prattville, Ala., on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 – Alabama News Network

The office of Gov. Kay Ivey is responding after an online opinion column  questioned her whereabouts and her health.

The column, which appears on the website, claims something is wrong with the governor and is the reason why she’s not recently been seen in public.

Alabama News Network last saw the governor in our area on Tuesday, Aug. 2. She was in Prattville where she helped break ground and spoke about a business expansion.

The columnist says Ivey’s office hasn’t answered his questions about where she’s been since.

In recent years, Ivey, who is 77, had treatment for lung cancer and had surgery for a broken shoulder.

In a statement, Gina Maiola, the governor’s communications director, said:

“When it’s a slow news day in the summer, rumors run rampant in the Capital City. While I did not want to give any credibility to these bogus rumors, I do want to be sure to clear the air and set the record straight. Governor Ivey is doing great, and she continues to thank the Good Lord for keeping her healthy and cancer-free. We look forward to her leading the state of Alabama for years to come.”

Alabama News Network does not normally report rumors, but because the governor’s office issued a statement, we wanted to bring it to you.

We have asked whether Ivey has made any public appearances since being in Prattville and if there are any planned soon, and we are waiting on an answer.

We will keep you updated.


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