Saints Virtual Academy in Selma Accepting Students

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Schools have returned to in-person learning this year. But not everyone is comfortable going back to the classroom. So, Selma City Schools is providing people with another option.

Principal Tamitha Rowden says Saints Virtual Academy provides a virtual setting for teaching and learning — for 6th to 12th grade students from all over the state.

And schools like Saints Virtual Academy — could be the wave of the future.

“And we’re not just a school that says go online and do the work,” said Rowden.

“All of our teachers are certified. All of them have at least ten years experience. They’re phenomenal teachers. So these students are able to actually receive a high quality education with high quality instruction.”

Wal Saintsvirtual0816 PkgD’Andre Washington was the valedictorian of the SVA Class of 2022.

“You’re able to go at your own pace. If you need help you can go and get help from the teacher,” he said. And you got break out rooms where you can do group projects together.

Kathleen Easley signed up her grandson at SVA — due to concerns for his health. So, now he’ll be getting a quality education — in the comfort of his own home.

“I think it’ll be better that he can react with the teachers. And still be home safe,” said Easley.

“There’s various reasons why parents and students would choose a virtual setting,” said Rowden.

“Maybe there’s bullying going on. We know that that has been a problem in schools. Some students just thrive, you know, not being in a large classroom. They thrive better within a smaller setting.”

Saints Virtual Academy students are provided with laptops — to use during the school year.

Open enrollment is going on all this week.

For more information — go to Or call (334) 349-5668.


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