West And South Montgomery Tour Highlights Sites for Development & Revitalization

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed and other city officials have been discussing the revitalization and development of parts of Montgomery for some time. He gathered local experts for a tour of these areas to begin making plans for change.

As the tour bus drove around parts of West and South Montgomery, the group got a first hand look at some of the places in need of development Mayor Reed says this is one of the first steps towards making changes.

“It’s one thing to have a concept, it’s one thing to have the idea, it’s one thing to even have the passion and energy, but if you don’t have the experts in the room, and you don’t have the people who know how to guide us or what needs to be done at the local, state, and federal standpoints, then it just remains that, it remains talk.” – Mayor Reed

Local developers in the area got an opportunity to see areas of the city they could potentially invest in to build businesses or even housing projects, and to look at the value of these properties both public and private.

Lindsay Edwards with Opportunity Alabama says he is excited to be apart of conversations and inspired to take action to help grow these parts of the city…

“There’s a lot of equity built up into these properties and a lot of these properties are owned free and clear or maybe they’ve been passed down generationally. Unfortunately, that equity is some times trapped and its sometimes a little bit of a task to unlock that equity.”- Lindsay Edwards

The areas in Montgomery that were toured were; Cedar Park / Young Forte Village Public Housing Development, Fairview Plaza Shopping Center, Peacock Tract, Cloverland Shopping Center, Normandale Mall, Governor’s House Hotel and Montgomery Mall.


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