Veterans Helping Veterans with Wind Therapy

Alabama is the top state with the most veteran suicides from untreated PTSD. A Tallassee non-profit has a unique form of therapy for veterans, by using motorcycles.

Operation Combat Bikesaver rebuilds old motorcycles and makes them new again while also helping rebuild veterans in the process.Screen Shot 2022 08 19 At 74832 Pm

They are having their ‘Nortons Return to Wind Therapy Ride’ event August 20 in Millbrook where they will present a trike kit for one terminally ill veteran to improve their life in their final days.

All proceeds for the event will go to cover the trike kit and to continue Hot Rod Therapy for veterans in Alabama. Rob Dinsmore, the president of Operation Combat Bikesaver, stated how important the non-profit is for veterans in the area.

“If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle and you get out in the wind, you know exactly what wind therapy is,” stated Dinsmore. “So, when you have that missing from your life and then we, on a limited budget, can provide that towards the end of their life and improve their quality of life, and the life of their family and friends, it makes everything worthwhile to us.”

Registration for the event starts at 9 a.m. where its $20 for a rider and $5 for a passenger. The bike presentation will be at Harley Davidson in Montgomery at 2 p.m.

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