Selma Churches Respond to Water Crisis in Jackson, Mississippi

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Thousands of people in Jackson, Mississippi — are now living without drinking water.

There’s an effort is underway in Selma — that aims to lend a helping hand — to a neighbor in need.

A group of Selma churches have organized a water drive — in response to the ongoing public health crisis.

Torrential rains caused severe flooding — that damaged the city’s main water supply treatment plant — leaving tens of thousands of people without water.

“That could be here in Selma. We don’t never know when we’ll need assistance from someone else. And so the churches of Selma are being a blessing to the city and the citizens of Jackson, Mississippi,” said Gospel Tabernacle Church Pastor John Grayson.

Wal Jacksonwater090 Fox Pkg“They are in need. They need us. So, it’s our job to step up and help them. It’s our job to help our neighbors,” said Vivian Black of Calvary M.B. Church.

People in Jackson are now using bottled water — to take care of basic and essential human needs.

“It’s something that we take for granted everyday because we have water. And those people have no water to drink, or take a bath in, or clean themselves, or anything. And it’s terrible, it’s a terrible dire situation,” said Grayson.

Businesses — are also joining in the effort to help provide water.  Winn-Dixie grocery store — donated a pallet of water to help the cause.

“We’ve always been a company that’s very involved in the community,” said store manager Reginald Hardy.

“Just giving back to the people there. It’s going to be a tremendous help. And I’m glad that we’re a part of it here at Winn-Dixie in Dallas County.”

A water drop off site has been set up at Gospel Tabernacle Church on Summerfield Road — for anyone else — who’d like to make a donation to help.

“Everybody can do this. Anyone can do this. You don’t have to question, can I help them? Is it going to be okay? Are they going to get what I give to them? Is it going to benefit them? Water will benefit them,” said Black.

Water donations will be collected at the church all weekend long — and be taken to Jackson early Monday morning — to be distributed to the people who need it.

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