Alabama Supreme Court Holds Special Session in Andalusia

The Alabama Supreme Court held a Special session Thursday on the campus of Lurleen B. Wallace Community College in Andalusia, where students were able to sit in on a supreme court hearing.

It was a real case with real lawyers, and a real look at the judicial process.

Students were able to hear oral arguments in a case involving freedom of speech.

The argument involved a group  of students who are challenging a University of Alabama at Huntsville policy that limits most student speech to small “speech zones” and to obtain a permit to speak on campus three business days in advance.

The students say the requirements are  a violation of free speech and the Alabama Constitution.

Local high school juniors and seniors were invited to attend as well as students at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College.

Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Tom Parker says these events are designed to help foster active participation in the Democratic Process, “We hope that by going out on the road Government takes a concrete form in there view of students, and that in and of itself will encourage them to public participation. Not just as voters but rather as representatives to let their voices be heard,” said Parker.

The special session was in recognition of Constitution Day on September 17.

Each year the Supreme Court holds special sessions in a city other than Montgomery to help expose students to the democratic process.



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