City of Selma Launches New & Improved Website

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The new Selma city website gives residents easy access to city services — around the clock.

Business hours at Selma City Hall — no longer determine — when people can conduct business with the city of Selma.

“They don’t have come into a physical building to get business operations done,” says IT Director John Kinnerson, Jr.

276 0149 01That’s because the city’s new and improved website — has propelled the city into the new Digital Age of Information.

And as a result now people can apply for a business license — submit a bid for a project — or even apply for a job — online.

“You can apply and it’ll come straight to me, ” said Personnel Director Elizabeth Rutledge.

“Complete the application and send it. And it comes straight to my desk.”

“Everything is right there at your fingertips,” said Kinnerson.

The new website provides unprecedented public access to city services — and records — 24 hours a day -7 days a week.

It’s even equipped to assist people with special needs.

“Another great addition that we added on is a ADA compliance for handicap accessibility. Usually that just was for brick and mortars. But now it moves to web, the website,” Kinnerson said.

City officials say the new website has been up and running now for about a month.

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