Hundreds Drive Thru Food Giveaway in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Community volunteers continue to conduct food giveaways in Selma — for people who are in need.

Organizers say it’s a practical example of neighbors — helping neighbors.

Gospel Tabernacle Church — and the Son Light Center — have been passing out food in the Selma-Dallas County community — for  the past 15 years.

“During the pandemic we jumped from serving a 100 -200 cars a week to 700 to 1000 cars a week. And so, the pandemic has really brought a little stress, food insecurity in our community,” said Rev. John Grayson.

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“We’re just trying to be the hands and feet of God to sort of close that gap. And bless some people with food who can’t afford to get it.”

“Since we started over an hour ago, this line continues to out the parking lot down the road and around the corner,” said volunteer Daniel Bridge.

Gloria Varner of Selma picks up food from the giveaway — to take back to her neighborhood.

She then shares it with neighbors who need the help — but don’t have a way to pick up the food for themselves.

“Some out there in wheel chairs. And a lot of times you know what? I don’t even — I don’t even keep anything for myself,” Varner said.

“People bless me. And I’m blessing someone else.”

“The things that we give them, if that can save them from buying extra food, they can pay it on their power bill. They can pay a mortgage, they can pay their rent. Sometimes the seniors, they can use that extra money to pay for their medicine,” said Grayson.

He says the giveaways provide food for about 3000 area families each month.

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