Montgomery Zoo Celebrates 50 Years in Its Current Location

The Montgomery Zoo celebrated its 50th anniversary at its current location during 2022.Montgomery Zoo Update

The Montgomery Zoo officially opened in 1920 at Oak Park, but has been at its current location since 1972. They have had a huge variety of animals live at the zoo throughout the years and showed visitors how they can help better our environment for wildlife.

Steven Pierce, who is the Program Services Manager at the Montgomery Zoo, stated that the main goal for the zoo has always been to provide an adaptable and growing environment for its animals and visitors alike.

“One of our goals is to constantly be able to expand our zoo, to grow our zoo, to bring new attractions into the zoo, but also to educate,” stated Pierce. Be able to provide that message of conservation because we as humans, we’re responsible for our elephants, for all the animals on this planet. We want to be able to spread that message.”

The zoo will have many special events for the 50th anniversary that will go until the new year.

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