Citizens Protest in Support of Rights of Alabama Prison Inmates Across the State


Prison reform is often an unpopular topic across the state– as many believe the rights of inmates in the criminal justice system are being mishandled, leaving those inmates to suffer with physical and mental illness that seemingly go untreated. Today, protesters met at the Criminal Justice Center in downtown Montgomery in support of the rights of inmates across the state.


Kastello Vaughan

Kastello Vaughan – Photo from Alabama Department of Corrections

Following the case of Kastello Vaughan, an inmate serving a 20-year sentence in the Elmore Correctional Facility and whose health has gained national exposure, today’s protest sought to reach the ears of the Alabama Department of Corrections to bring awareness to the care received by inmates and encourage overall change.

In the meantime, The Alabama Department of Corrections has confirmed reports of inmate work stoppages at all major prisons in the state, including Elmore. Alabama News Network has confirmed with ADOC that the work stoppages involve inmates not performing their assignments.

In a statement, ADOC says, “Controlled movement and other security measures have been deployed. The ADOC does not comment on security procedures due to the safety of the inmates, our staff, and the public.”

According to Commissioner John Hamm, “All facilities are operational and there have been no disruption of critical services.” ADOC employee roles have not been interrupted and are still on the job.

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