Dallas County Set to Collect Selma City Property Taxes

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Dallas County officials are is gearing up for tax collection season.

And it’s the first year the county will be collecting the property taxes for both the city of Selma — and the rest of the county.

Property owners in Selma won’t be going to City Hall to pay city property taxes anymore. Because city property taxes — are now being collected — by the county instead.

“Now you go to the central hub of property tax collection which is going to be at the courthouse,” said Selma Tax Collector Aaron Roper.

Wal Dctaxes0926 Pkg“It had caused a lot of confusions over the years where we had a lot of owners that would pay their county taxes. They did not pay their city taxes,” said Dallas County Tax Collector Tanika Wagner-Neely.

And vice versa. So as a consequence — tax collection was put under one roof — to help simplify — and streamline the process.

“We’re taking over all of the city files. So we will have everything at our office,” said Wagner-Neely.

County tax officials have made some property and tax software upgrades — to provide people with more online access — to information about a property.

“The square footage, who lives next door. Just map it down directly to the street you’re living on,” said Dallas County Tax Assessor Carroll Bonner.

The upgrades also provide — the ability for property owners — to conduct more business online.

“You pay your bills online. You can file for your homesteads and so forth. All of that is going to be accessible. We are excited that everything we need to know is now at their fingertips,” said Bonner.

“It’s going to make it a very efficient process,” said Roper.

Tax collection season starts October 1st — and runs through December 31st — without penalties.

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