The City of Prattville Purchases an Ice Skating Rink for the Holiday Season


This is an example of what the City of Prattville’s ice skating rink will look like.

This is an example of what the City of Prattville's ice skating rink will look like.

The City of Prattville will be adding a new attraction for the Holiday season.

Prattville has purchased an ice skating rink that will be a permanent fixture in the downtown area.

The skating rink is expected to open December 1 and will be $5 per person for 30 minutes. The rink will be open for the whole month of December.

Kellie Cook, who is the Parks and Recreation Director of Prattville, hopes this will be a huge tourist destination for the winter season.

“When people are coming in from all across the state to experience the ice skating rink and take in all of our decorations, it’s an opportunity for businesses to stay open downtown later during the holiday hours,” stated Cook. “It’s an opportunity for tourism for them. I think overall it’s a draw, it’s an attraction. We’ve now added an attraction, but we wanted something that’s not gonna take away from the downtown feel and the traditional Christmas that we try to present.”

The ice skating rink will be set up in downtown Prattville along South Court Street.

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