ADOC: Inmate worker stoppages impacting food services

22alabamadepartmentofcorrectionsThe inmate worker stoppage that started Monday is impacting food services across the state.

The Alabama Department of Corrections says it is still experiencing work stoppages at most male facilities to varying degrees.

ADOC says each facility is different, and as a result, each facilities operations are affected differently.

ADOC says while all facilities remain operational, the work stoppages have affected food services since inmate workers make up a large part of the facility support workforce.

Prison officials say it is common practice nationwide to utilize inmate workers in various critical services, like food service and laundry.

While the stoppage is ongoing, the facilities have been on a holiday meal schedule. The schedule allows for two meals per day instead of three.

“This is not a retaliatory measure,” ADOC says. “But logistically necessary to ensure that other critical services are being provided.

ADOC says once the work stoppages end, facilities will return to providing regular meal service.

The prison system says some programming, including Ingram State Technical College classes, have been limited but most have not been affected because most programs have their own staff.

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