Warming Trend Ahead

Ian becomes a hurricane again and now has its eye focused on the Carolina coast. Another landfall is expected to be near Charleston, SC Friday afternoon. This won’t be the monster that hit Florida but it will bring storm surge, strong winds, and very heavy rainfall. The tropical system will move inland and weakend as it passes through NC and into VA later Saturday afternoon. Heavy rainfall is expected for places like Charlotte, NC and Roanoke, VA. The system will eventually move back into the Atlantic early next week and could be a wind and rain maker for numerous cities along the Mid Atlantic and NE coastal areas.
Here in Alabama, our weather continues to be rather pleasant. The only concern is the dry and breezy conditions resulting in critical fire weather conditions. Outdoor burning is not recommended until these conditions change and that may take another day. Other than that, we don’t have any complaints coming into our weather office about this fall weather were experiencing at the moment. Clear and cool nights along with sunny and warm days are the rule for now. We do see temps beginning to warm a bit and we’re looking at lower to mid 80s most of next week. At this point, our chance for any rain is slim to none.

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