ArtsRevive and Selma Potter Offer Ceramics Classes

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

ArtsRevive in Selma is providing people in the community with another fun way — to scratch their creative itch.

Selma potter Jo Taylor teaches ceramic hand building techniques — used to create pieces of pottery.

Wal PotteryTwo hour classes — and six week classes are now available — at the Gallery 905 create space.

One on one sessions on the potter’s wheel — can also scheduled by appointment.

Arts Revive kicked off the new pottery classes — back in the spring.

“Oh, it’s been fun, it’s been fun. I think ladies are enjoying it. And there’s been some men that have come too for the two hour classes,” said Taylor.

“I’m getting to be creative again. I think I about had lost that cause of not doing much of it. So, that’s a lot of fun. Keeps me busy, keeps my mind working,” said Sandy Greene.

Anyone interested in signing for one of the classes — can call (334) 878-1905.

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