Southside High Celebrates National School Lunch Week

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

This week is National School Lunch Week — and Southside High School in Dallas County — is celebrating the week in a big way.

Sabrina Walker is the Child Nutrition Manager at Southside High School. And she’s pulling out all the stops — to celebrate National School Lunch Week.

Wal Schoollunch PkgIt was like a pep rally in the school cafeteria Tuesday afternoon — featuring the school cheerleaders — and the marching band.

“We never had nothing like this at none of the schools I went to,” said Southside senior Khamari Griffin.

“I don’t think we never had nothing like this. And I done been to Dallas County and Selma High and we ain’t never had nothing like this.”

“Yes, this is National School Lunch Week which was founded in 1964 by President John F. Kennedy to just embrace the importance of a meal inside and out of the classroom,” said Walker.

School lunches support academic success — by providing the fuel students need — for their well-being — and readiness to learn. Nutritious meals help keep students energized and focused — at school.

Wal Schoollunch Pkg2“I think it’s good. Because you know, some people they are not fortunate enough to even go home and eat. So, we get like, free lunch.

And then they provide it for us. And they make sure we get the best of the best. So, I think they do a pretty good job,” said Southside senior Taniya Dixon.

“We see them not only as lunch ladies but we see them as family. We see them as people who provide school lunches for us, nutrition for us,” said Griffin.

Walker says a lot of work goes into preparing 300 lunches a day — every week.

“My motto is don’t serve anything to these kids that you do not want to eat yourself,” said Walker.

School meals are required to meet nutrition criteria based on national health guidelines.

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