Agriculture is the Heart of the Alabama National Fair

The Alabama National Fair is in full swing, and while we all enjoy the food and rides at the fair there’s another aspect of the fair that highlights its roots: Agriculture.

Farming and agriculture are where the Alabama National Fair got its start.

There are signs of how heavily agriculture and farming influence the fair all around.

As you enter the fair through Garrett Coliseum, many people don’t know that there’s a plant and art show happening on the second floor concourse of the coliseum.

Here you can find cuttings of hundreds of ornamental plants, flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables that grow in Alabama.

Walk through the tunnel and out of the coliseum, and the agriculture barns are filled with livestock.

“The live stock is very important to the fair because it gives people that don’t get the opportunity to grow up on the farm to able to come and ask questions and enjoy the animals as we do.” says Richie Traylor.

Traylor and his family farm in Randolph county raise cattle, chickens, and eggs.

Farming and agriculture contribute 70 billion dollars annually to Alabama’s economy.

The livestock shows this weekend will be cattle on Thursday and Friday, shows begin at 7pm.

This weekend on Saturday and Sunday, pigs and sheep will bed on display in the livestock barn, and presented in shows.

Daily event schedule for the Alabama National Fair.


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