Dallas Co. Schools Spotlight Alabama Literacy Law

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

School officials in Dallas County are working hard to inform parents about the Alabama Literacy Act — and make them aware of the law’s impact.

Wal Literacyact Fox Pkg2“It’s very important for our parents, for the community to know the importance of the Literacy Act.”

Dr. Frederick Hardy is the principal at Southside Primary School. He says the first few years of school — are vital to a student’s educational success.

“Kids learn to read K thru 3. And beyond K thru 3, 4th and up, They’re reading to learn. And so, in order for children to be successful, upper elementary, middle and high school, they need to be reading on grade level,” said Dr. Tonya Chestnut.

Wal Literacyact Fox PkgChestnut is a member of the State Board of Education. She says it’s important that parents be aware of the Alabama Literacy Act. And what it could mean for their children.

“The law does state that if a child is not reading on grade level at grade three they will be retained beginning in 2023 and 2024,” said Chestnut.

The law requires teachers to provide extra support to students who are struggling.

It also provides resources to parents — to help them support their children.

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