Lowndes County Voters Talk Bingo Facility Shut Down

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Circuit courts in Lowndes and Macon counties — now have less than two weeks to put a stop to electronic bingo in their counties.

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled the games illegal last month. Now Lowndes County residents are speaking out.

Wal Lowndesbingoreax Fox Pkg “It’s like a slap in the face for the citizens of Lowndes County,” said Collerine resident Perman Hardy.

“This was voted on. And now all these years later you gon’ tell the people of Lowndes County that what you voted for doesn’t matter anymore.”

“We voted,” said White Hall resident Bertha White.

“That means that we just voted in vain. We voted in vain.”

The Alabama Supreme Court declared electronic bingo games in Lowndes and Macon counties illegal.

And gave the circuit courts in the two counties 30 days to issue injunctions to stop electronic bingo in their counties.

Wal Lowndesbingoreax Fox Pkg2“Well, what the Supreme Court ruled on, it’s gon’ hurt a lot of people,” said Hardy.

“A lot of families gon’ be hurt. It’s a lot of families been fed through this bingo facility here and a lot of families gon’ go without.”

“It’s just crazy, it’s just crazy. So many people lose their jobs,” said White.

“And we need jobs. We need jobs here.”

Lowndes County is home to White Hall Entertainment — and Southern Star Entertainment.

The two bingo facilities employ around 100 people. They also donate to area schools — and contribute to local fire and police departments.

“That’s a blessing to the county. We already poor enough,” said Lowndes County resident Perry Rudolph.

“The ones that want to play, let ’em play. And all them that willing to do it, let ’em do it. I don’t see no harm in it.”

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